Old Games

I started college as a combined major in Computer Science and Game Design, and had an interest in making videogames. That hasn't entirely gone away, but I found I liked other things more. Here's the graveyard of the couple of interactive projects I made, lest they be lost forever.

Office Rumpus

This was my first major programming project, back in high school. It was more of a 2D interactive environment than a game, but I was proud of it anyways.

Tumbleweed Tango

Unfortunately, most of this game is very broken now, probably a result of both Flash and Flowlab changing significantly in the years since I made it. As of writing, none of the sound works and there are a few graphical and gameplay issues, not to mention that it takes quite a while to load. It was fun to work on, though. Especially designing the sprites.


Bobbin was an attempt at making a text-based game engine for creating console adventure games. It features a room system, inventory management, and an unnecessarily complex history system that uses exceptions and the callstack. I love it with all my heart.